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A DANOBAT tandem underfloor wheel lathe to be installed in the UK

By on 23/09/2015

The railway business unit of DANOBATGROUP, which manufactures equipment for the railway industry, has secured an important order in the UK.

First Great Western, the UK train operating company, has awarded DANOBATGROUP a contract for the supply and installation of a DANOBAT tandem underfloor wheel lathe which will be installed at its Reading Train Care Depot in 2016.

DANOBATGROUP sees this project as a major strategic step in expanding its presence in the UK and reinforces its commitment to this keymarketplace.

The DANOBAT underfloor wheel lathe is a specific machine tool for the corrective maintenance of railway rolling surfaces and train brake discs. It can perform without the need of dismounting the train axle and it is provided with the lastest technologies.


  • Fully automatic machining processes
  • Complete solutions: Underfloor wheel lathe+ Shunting car+ Wheel profile measuring equipment
  • Single or tandem machine
  • Adaptable gauge width
  • Optimized wheelset life
  • Economic turning profile
  • Continuous measurement of profile
  • User friendly, intuitive sofware
  • Ergonomic design with central stations and auxiliary panels
  • Ease of use: customized and user friendly control


  • Underfloor wheel lathe: corrective maintenance of railway wheels
  • Shunting car: Train positioning on the lathe
  • Wheelset geometry measuring system: Wheel profile measuring equipment
  • Tandem underfloor wheel lathe: Corrective maintenance of two wheelsets of the same bogie at the same time

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