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AnsaldoBreda: Driverless metro

By on 27/09/2014

AnsaldoBreda presented the Copenhagen Cityringen at InnoTrans 2014. This driverless metro is an ongoing development of another driverless train for the metro lines 1 and 2 in Copenhagen, which have been operating successfully since 2002. The most important principle in the development process has been to achieve a symbiosis between design and technology.

The three articulated cars and the materials used have been designed in a way that enables operators to conserve energy and to minimize noise levels and vibration, thereby making journeys more comfortable. The interiors have been designed to ensure that the floor area is completely free of obstacles. This allows passengers to move about freely and facilitates maintenance too. The vehicle capacity is 232 standing and 48 seated, and the maximum speed is 90 kph. The cars have six doors on each side. Power is obtained from a 750 V DC third rail.


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