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Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas has a broad experience in many markets

By on 30/03/2015

Manuel Rey, Aries Railway Business Development Manager.


RailWP:Brief presentation of MR and the company, expertise and general figures

Manuel Rey: Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas is a company with over 25 years of expertise in engineering solutions for test systems. The accumulated know-how in the last two decades has favoured a cross-cutting engineering, which offers solutions from different sectors (automotive, railway, seismic simulation…) to customers. Aries is a relevant reference of SME, which has shown its capacity to transfer technology and manage projects all over the world. At this moment Aries is doing the same in railway sector.

Manuel Rey, Aries Railway Business Development Manager, since the last five years, is in charge of commercial activities and business development for railway sector.


RailWP: Railway transport is increasing its presence in the worldwide infrastructure plans, above all in emerging markets. In your opinion, why are witnessing this decided bet on railway sector) which advantages (economic, environmental, etc.) would you underline of this means of transport?

Manuel Rey: Railway as means of transport is quite clean and safe, specially if we compare it with other alternatives such as the plane. It allows you to reach the city center of any city with a reduced infrastructrure taking into account the transport capacity is quite high.

Railway competes with all means of transport, mainly because there are many kinds of trains (high speed, trains for commuters, regional trains). In all of these cases railway is the most reliable and environmental friendly form of transportation, taking into account users and environment. On the other hand, it is worth stressing that it is an investment with results, perceived in an immediate way, rather than investment results in other means of transport. This is a relevant factor to make railway the main means of transport in countries which are still growing. It is a key element to decongest city centers, one of the main problems in big cities in developed industrial countries, where traffic and parking limited areas are proliferating, as a way to protect environment.


RailWP:  As an expert in railway sector, how do you think railway sector development will evolve in the next years? Is high speed as important as the metropolitan means of transport? How are companies getting ready to get adapted to new demands?

Manuel Rey:  Railway development will likely encourage the growing of freight transport. Passenger transport efficiency will raise (more people, less cost), but always keeping a high service quality commitment.

High speed and metropolitan transport are different concepts, referred to different necessities. In my opinion, they will evolve in a different way. Both for high speed and metropolitan transport, there will be improvements in the costs, maintenance tasks optimization and a bigger comfort experience the same as reliability for the user. I would dare to say that freight transport is at this moment a key concept; we should not lose sight of. Its growing is being promoted and without any shadow of doubt it will generate business opportunities at all levels.

Regarding new demands adaptation by the enterprises, I think it is quite evident there is a transformation phenomenon which all Spanish companies are living. It is essential to be in international markets. It is a practice, which existed before crisis and adds value to all the developments done for local market. It has clearly favoured the companies’ position in international markets. There has also been a great dose of innovation, and adaptation to specific requirements of each market.

After saying this, I think a period of uncertainty is born, where new solutions development and homologation based on new projects, has been drastically reduced. Nowadays companies should be provisioned on their own resources to develop new solutions. However, when they should test and homologate their products, they should go abroad to foreign technological centers. Despite of this, R&D investment is noticeable and it is possible to find SMEs with specific product and advanced technological tools for the products development (here we could specially mention MGN case study).


RailWP:  Aries Ingeniería has got high qualification in EPC projects for more than 20 years. How do you evaluate this career? Which is the importance of internationalization in your expansion plans?

Manuel Rey: Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas has a broad experience in many markets. This expertise comes from sectors such as renewable energies, test systems for automotive sector, seismic simulation…In railway sector we are following the same guidelines. We have been able to develop unique, tailor-made solutions, which could be commercialized worldwide. In this case, foreign market is a parallel objective, because Aries is very interested in keeping local customers, as we strongly believe this is our natural environment. However, we would like to increase our presence in foreign markets. It is one of the main company’s objectives.


RailWP: Which are the key markets at this moment for the company?

Manuel Rey:The most relevant markets for Aries Ingeniería in railway test systems sector are Middle East, American continent and Eastern Europe.

RailWP: Your company is quite relevant, because of the service specialization such as the products recently developed in these years (test benches, test systems, unique solutions for maintenance…) Is this the result of an R&D momentum in Aries Ingeniería?

Manuel Rey: Aries is a company which invests in R&D and it is clearly focused on viable projects with clear business perspective. The company bets on innovation and development as technological tools, but always keeping the focus on viability and marketing for the solutions to be developed. Our products should be adapted to a demanding market an in constantly evolving. These facts will lead us in the following years, to reinforce our position in the sector.


RailWP:  Aries has invested in technology in all of its developments. It is an evidence of robustness and talent in railway sector. Could you speak about these new products and services you call “bet on technological excellence?

Manuel Rey:  They are unique solutions, specially designed for the customer, always keeping in mind his preferences and necessities. It makes performance, functionalities and capacities of new solutions more efficient than the traditional ones, while not requiring big changes in training and staff procedures.


RailWP:  We have just seen the presentation of Train Lifting and Bogie Dismounting System. Which are the main features of this system and the main advantages it guarantees in maintenance tasks?

Manuel Rey: There are many advantages. In general, I would mention the three most significant for readers:

i) huge reduction of costs in the life cycle, since installation until operationa and maintenance,

ii) high rise of productivity and efficiency and

iii) total flexibility in new materials adaptation, new configurations and variations in existing configuration.

If any reader wants to learn more about this, I am at his/her disposal [Laughs].

RailWP: As a conclusion, how do you see Aries in the mid/long term in railway sector and inside/outside our borders?

Manuel Rey: I see Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas equipments in Turkey, Australia and USA. We have noticed an increase of activity and interest in our products in the last edition of Innotrans. As evidenced by the announcement of the Minister on MAFEX stand, 40 new trains will be bought until 2018.

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