Distributed power (DP) control system for electric locomotives

Multifunctional control unit for a train operated with DP
Multifunctional control unit for a train operated with DP

Advanced Rail Controls Private Limited has developed  a distributed power (DP) control system for class WAG9 electric locomotives. This uses a UHF radio link, a method that has been adopted by selected countries for increasing the throughput for heavy f reight. Two prototype trains, each with a locomotive at the front and rear, are already in service carrying iron ore. The rail company plans to equip several such trains with master-slave radio control systems (with up to four slaves) in order to make better use of a dedicated freight corridor. The system operates together with the MICAS-S2 locomotive control system and with the Faiveley‘s E70 brake control system, and also has safety features to deal with radio loss and equipment failures.

About this company

Advanced Rail Controls Private Limited was established in April 2005 in Bangalore, the IT Capital of India. The company focuses on developing high end embedded control solutions for rail domain and is peerless in its spectrum of working. Developing state-of-the art technology at affordable cost for Railway Sector is its motto. The company is managed by professionals having vast experience in industries directly related to Railways, Defense and Aerospace and is credited to have a team of dedicated, skilled and motivated people.With ISO-9001:2008 accreditation by TUV, the company is poised to enter into International market. The major areas of activities include IEC-61375 TCN based vehicle control systems, IEC-61131 compliant vehicle control software authoring, MICAS-MVB based diagnostic tools, MVB based Graphical Driver Displays, Remote Diagnostics & Fleet Tracking of Locomotives, Radio Remote Control Equipment for Distributed Power Operation for Heavy Haul, Hall Effect based Active Rotational Speed Sensors for Traction Motors, Doppler Radar based Adhesion Control System for Locomotives etc.


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