Growing international demand for spanish rail electrification


The Spanish rail industry continues to grow in the exports field. Its high technological level, the strong commitment to R&D in recent years, as well as the experience gained during the implementation of modern urban transport and high-speed networks in Spain, have turned national rail companies into a safe bet for the development of transportation plans in the five continents, particularly in emerging countries.

The contracting of railway solutions and services from Spanish companies has increased about 26%, exceeding 2,000 million euros in sales. Such growth confirms the highly qualified solutions developed by our industry. In country order, the first five clients of the Spanish rail industry are France, Turkey, Italy, Mexico and Brazil; followed by Germany, Algeria, Venezuela, the United Kingdom and Chile. Other areas in which the growth is noticeable are Asia, the US and northern Africa.

Among this list of main advanced companies in rail technology and services is SEMI. Our company has actively collaborated in the implementation of high- speed networks and line upgrading. This participation has consolidated our know-how, career and wide experience in such significant fields as railway electrification, as well as in signalling infrastructures and railway communications.

Such projects as the electrification of the high-speed section between the stations of Albacete-Alicante, through catenary, using the innovative C-350 catenary with power supply 2×25 KC AC, is an example of SEMI’s advances. Also to be highlighted are many other such as the traction substations for the Northwest high-speed network, or the catenary rehabilitation in the Barakaldo-Olabeaga  or Pola de Lena-Soto de Rey sections.

Source: SEMI