Indra implements its ticketing technology in the new trolley line of Setif

Ticketing System Siemens

Alstom Transport has commissioned Indra to develop and implement the ticketing systems for the first trolley line currently under construction in the Algerian city of Setif. Indra competed with some of the world’s leading ticketing providers to win the €4.2m contract.

With a total length of 22.2 km, the Setif trolley line project is being undertaken by Entreprise du Métro d’Alger (EMA), which has subcontracted the construction to Alstom Transport and the construction company Yapi Merkezi.

Indra will supply the ticketing systems for the 27 stations and four interchanges planned for the first section, which is 16.2 km long, as well as the validation equipment for the first 26 trolleys of a total fleet of 39 vehicles.

Indra’s technology will be used to process and manage both magnetic tickets and contactless cards simultaneously, speeding up boarding times. As an open system it will also guarantee interoperability—in other words, multimodal management, by incorporating and integrating with the payment systems of other types of transport, and multi-operator management since different companies will be able to use the system.

The contract for the Setif trolley line reinforces Indra’s position as a leading service provider in the transport and traffic market of Algeria, a country that will see the implementation of major infrastructure plans in the coming years, such as enhanced urban mobility management in cities like Algiers and the reduction of traffic accidents through the deployment of speed control systems and equipment. Indra is currently implementing its technology on the country’s east-west highway and in the Bouira tunnel.

Indra has a branch office in Algiers and is currently engaged in several projects in Algeria in the fields of airports, air traffic control, public administrations, defense and industry, among others.

The new ticketing project in the country reinforces Indra’s reputation as one of the world’s leading providers of smart technology for public transportation. Its solutions have already been deployed in the subways of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Santiago de Chile, Medellín, Calcutta and Shanghai, the monorail and subway in Mumbai, the monorail and light rail in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the commuter railroad in Mexico City, and the light rail systems in Austin (Texas) and St Louis in the United States.

This year Indra was also awarded the world’s largest ticketing contract to implement all of the ticketing and access control systems for the new public transportation system currently being developed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, comprising six subway lines and a fleet of approximately 1,000 buses.

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