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La Farga has executed many railway projects

By on 26/03/2015

Mr. Miquel Garcia, Managing Director of La Farga Lacambra


Railway World Projects: The Spanish railway sector is making great strides in the world. Why do you think the industry as a whole has established itself so firmly? What comprehensive solutions does La Farga Lacambra offer in this area? Why is it considered a pioneering company in its sector?

Miquel Garcia: Due to the economic crisis, the Spanish railway sector has strengthened its presence abroad as a strategy for prospering in the current economic climate. The international consolidation of the Spanish railway sector is being achieved through the collective efforts of the industry.

La Farga has an extensive portfolio of products for conventional, metro, tram and high-speed rail lines. La Farga has been manufacturing copper products for over 200 years. This experience is reflected in the quality and variety of its products thanks to its expertise in metallurgy.


Railway World Projects: According to your figures, La Farga Lacambra is currently supplying products for the electrification of over 2,000 km of high-speed and conventional railway lines. What do these figures indicate? Is it true to say that you’ve become a leading national and international company?

Miquel Garcia: La Farga has executed many high-speed and conventional railway projects. The company initially focused on Spain before embarking on projects in other countries. La Farga is currently a leading company in the sector and has completed projects in every continent: Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania.

A key factor when it comes to managing this kind of business is to operate on a project-by-project basis. The commercial department manages the business on this basis, adopting a multidisciplinary approach.


Railway World Projects: 2014 was an important year in respect of the high-speed railway projects awarded to your company. What’s your assessment of the year’s activity? What projects are in your portfolio? What prospects are in store for the future?

Miquel Garcia: La Farga is currently involved in several high-speed railway projects: the AVE Olmedo-Orense and the AVE Medina del Campo-Salamanca in Spain; the LGV EST Metz-Strasbourg and the SEA Tours – Bourdeaux in France; the Haramain High Speed Mecca – Medina in Saudi Arabia; the LGV Tangier-Casablanca in Morocco and the maintenance of high-speed lines in France through SNCF.


Railway World Projects: In how many countries are you currently operating and which have been your flagship projects to date?

Miquel Garcia: La Farga is present in several countries all over the world: Spain, France, Turkey, Slovenia, Poland, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, China, Mexico, Chile, etc. This reflects La Farga’s clear commitment to international expansion. La Farga’s strategy is to expand to new countries.


The most important projects carried out to date are:

  • AVE Barcelona – Figueres, the first to be executed by La Farga
  • AVE Vigo – A Coruña
  • AVE Madrid – Valencia
  • Marmaray, in Turkey, a flagship project in terms of engineering.
  • Ligne Grand Vitesse LGV EST Metz – Strasbourg
  • HS Mecca-Medina, the first high-speed railway project in Saudi Arabia.


Railway World Projects: The products of La Farga Lacambra are present in several countries across Europe, America and Asia. How do you explain this growing international presence? What’s the distinguishing factor?

Miquel Garcia: One of the distinguishing factors of La Farga is its capacity for response and its agility. Another factor is its manufacturing capacity and the fact that the process is integrated: La Farga purchases copper cathode and has the capacity to cast, roll and draw it in order to manufacture a comprehensive range of products and alloys used in the railway sector.


Railway World Projects: Your company also stands out for its strong commitment to R&D, which leads to the constant development of innovative solutions. Can you explain what work you’re carrying out in this field?

Miquel Garcia:Our capacity and experience in the field of metallurgy enable us to improve and optimise our manufacturing processes and to produce alloys very efficiently. It also enables us to produce new alloys and improve our current ones.

Railway World Projects: What other developments has the company been working in terms of railway transport?

Miquel Garcia: Our main focus is the customer. We’re fully focused on offering high quality products and services. We listen to our customers in order to help them in cases where engineering enables them to develop new technical proposals.

Railway World Projects: Finally, it’s worth recalling that a recent study by the UNIFE indicates that rail is the mode of transport in which the greatest investment will be made in the coming years. Do you agree that this transport sector is in the middle of a period of huge development? How do you see the evolution of your company in this promising future scenario? Is it ready for the global challenges facing the sector?

Miquel Garcia: We agree that railway travel is and will continue to be one of the modes of transport most used by our society.

La Farga has made a significant investment in production machinery in order to be able to handle future railway projects. We currently have a manufacturing capacity of over 10,000 tonnes per year. This enables us to deliver and to handle large-scale railway projects at the same time.




The main railway projects on which the metallurgical holding is currently working are:

  • Ligne Grand Vitesse LGV EST Metz-Strasbourg / 150 km double-track railway line
  • Ligne Grand Vitesse SEA Tours – Bourdeaux / 415 km double-track railway line
  • AVE Medina del Campo – Salamanca / 50 km double-track railway line
  • Ligne Grand Vitese Maroc / 200 km double-track railway line
  • Haramain High Speed Mecca – Medina / 450 km double-track railway line
  • AVE Olmedo – Ourense / 400 km double-track railway line

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