MAGLEV 2016 at the InnoTrans Conference Corner

maglev levitation rail
maglev levitation rail

MAGLEV 2016 at the InnoTrans Conference Corner: Strtarting on 23 September, the last trade visitor day at InnoTrans 2016 on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds, the MAGLEV 2016 Conference will have information about the fascinating solutions that magnetic levitation technology can offer people, cities and regions. The speakers will focus on the future possibilities and limits of linear motors and magnetic levitation technology with regard to mobility, transport and areas of use. The event targets experts, students and decision-makers as well as scientists, ministries, planners and industry associations.

The organiser and holder is The International Maglevboard e.V. under the supervision of its president, Prof. Dr. habil. Johannes Klühspies. In addition to various papers the conference, which runs until Monday, 26 September, will also feature meetings and offer excursions.

Everyone attending the MAGLEV 2016 Conference can also visit InnoTrans 2016 free of charge. For full programme details and information on registration please go to

Conference Corner

The MAGLEV 2016 Conference also marks the launch of the Conference Corner, a new conference format at InnoTrans which, starting on the last day for trade visitors, will give industry associations and transport companies in particular an opportunity to organise their own programme of events. The new format has been launched in response to a growing demand for papers.

The MAGLEV 2016 conference will be held in Berlin in cooperation with InnoTrans Berlin 2016.

The main theme of MAGLEV 2016 is ‘Maglev Solutions for People, Cities, and Regions?’ and it is about all those transportation and energy solutions, especially innovative maglev ones, which could make everyday life easier and transport function smarter. Should the world “Leapfrog to maglev?”

The MAGLEV 2016 is a scientific conference and therefore encourages differences of opinion on the specific systems and their respective impacts on technology development, society and environment, especially as these issues form the basic components of a constructive, critical discussion.

The International Maglev Board is an international non-profit organization. It is made up of internationally known transport scientists, engineers, experts as well as members of citizens’ movements. The International Maglev Board does not in any way, shape or form endorse any particular manufacturer or industry group. We are beholden to no corporate interests.

The purpose of this website is to call for maglev systems to be included – objectively and fairly – in any and all long-range infrastructure planning and planning competitions.

The following points list some major aspects of maglev systems when they are implemented with appropriate planning and implementation.

  • Maglev can make rapid transit more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Maglev can replace short-distance air traffic with attractive travel times.
  • Intercity mobility will become more economical with maglev.
  • Maglev can achieve very high levels of safety and comfort.
  • Maglev guideway construction is becoming more and more economical.
  • Maglev uses separate routes and avoids slower transport.
  • Maglev test installations are a prerequisite for success.
  • Maglev provides national economic and social benefits.
  • Maglev systems are future-oriented, but realistic and important.

This website provides relevant information around these statements.

Maglev technologies are not wonderful sweeping innovations that will provide a quick solution for all the mobility problems of the world. However, in specific cases, maglev trains can certainly contribute to the organization of more efficient mobility. This aspect should be tested in individual cases, for specific projects, i.e., in a comparison with wheel/rail and air traffic, and should be objective and fact-based, without technical prejudice or bias.

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