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Network Rail spend circa £7bn annually

By on 27/07/2015

Network Rail spend circa £7bn annually on products and Services.  The world is full of innovation and the rail industry is no different, with organisations constantly researching and developing new and innovative products and services with a variety of purposes: improving safety, solving problems, improving efficiency and reducing cost. This is precisely why the UKRIA 2016 team have introduced the all new ‘Product and Service Innovation’ category.

This category has been split into two sub-sections, with entries being accepted for both innovations in physical products and professional services. There will be one winner for each of the sub-sections.

What services are you delivering and what products are you supplying that are really making a difference to the UK rail industry?

Enter the ‘Product and Service Innovation’ category today!

Deadline for entries is 4th Oct 2015

To enter, UKRIAick . To view the judging criteria, railtechck .

Source: RailTechnologyMagazine

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