TALGO: Awards of 6 trains for Saudi Railways Organization

Talgo High Speed train for Arabia
Talgo High Speed train for Arabia

TALGO confirms the latest awarding of 6 trains offered to the Saudi Railways Organization (SRO). The goal is to cover the railway line which links the capital, Riyadh, with Dammam, the country’s major eastern location. These high-speed trains will cover the 480 kms. that divide both cities.

The contract between TALGO & SRO exceeds $200 million and has two main goals: cut travelling time, between Riyadh & Dammam, from 4 hours down to 3, and boost speed-design to 200 km/h.

The president of TALGO, Carlos de Palacio, stated that “this new contract will strengthen commercial relations with Saudi Arabia and will open the doors for Talgo’s new projects. Unquestionably, both our technology and good relations established with the Mecca-Medina project have proven to be critical”.

For his part, the president of SRO, Mohamed Khalid Al-Suwaiket, made a public statement assuring that “they are most pleased with Talgo”. Statements which he made in the latest Innotrans railway trade fair in Berlin. We must bear in mind that TALGO delivered on its commitments, by completing the first train, HARAMAIN, which was shipped last December to Saudi Arabia.

The main novelty of these trains is that they are self-propelled with Diesel-Electric traction (catenary-less power). Its other features are quite similar to those of the HARAMAIN train, of the Mecca Medina railway line, including the distinguished “desert package”, which reinforces the train’s sealing systems by blocking-out the sand and heat, while it travels under atmospheric temperatures that can exceed 55 degrees Celsius. Additionally, it counts with in-built protection for its windows and other external areas, as well as an enhanced paint and coatings to counter the effects of abrasion.

In the coming years, we foresee the award of new railway infrastructures that will link the Gulf States, aka GCC line. TALGOwould adapt to the needs of this project, since it would require trains that relied on catenary-less power, same as with the Riyadh-Dammam railway line.

The president of TALGO, Carlos de Palacio, considers that “this contract serves as acknowledgement of our technology and a display that will open a whole new range of opportunities, in a market that is as competitive as the Persian Gulf itself”.

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